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NYC Food and Wine Festival

I had the pleasure of hitting up the Food Network Food and Wine Festival in Manhattan yesterday.  My friend and I bought tickets for two events, the Shop Rite Grand Tasting and the Don Q Celebrates Flavors from Land of the Rum.  The Shop Rite tasting was fun, at Pier 54.   Too crowded to really stop and enjoy what you were tasting.  There was plenty of food, wine and spirits from all over the city and other places.  We took a breather, drank some coffee, and headed over to the James Beard House in Greenwich Village for the  Don Q Celebrates Flavors from Land of the Rum dinner, featuring season 5 Top Chef contestants Fabio Viviani and Jeff McInnis.  Also there were mixologist Esteban Ordonez fron New York and Jacopo Falleni, partner at Cafe Firenze in California.  We sat down and enjoyed 5 courses, each accompanied by a special drink featuring a different Don Q rum.  The night ended with dessert, coffee and a nice goblet of Don Q Grand Anejo.  Awesome Sunday!


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