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Caffeine for the Creative Mind Exercise

Today’s exercise, taken out of the book Caffeine for the Creative Mind, is to take a digital camera (today it will be my iPhone) and take a picture of 10 things that are out of place, or not where they’re supposed to be.  I suppose I can take a picture of my whole room, because there are a lot of things out of place there!  First thing I noticed out of place was my iPhone USB charge and sync cable.  It’s supposed to be nicely tucked away in my work bag – however, it was shoved into a compartment on the driver side door of my car.  I’ll upload my photos to my flickr and update it through out the day.  I created a set just for my Caffeine for the Creative Mind exercises and hope to update it regularly as I get through the book.

Item 1
Out of place Item 1

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