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Caffeine for the Creative Mind Exercise

I recently purchased Caffeine for the Creative Mind written by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Olfield. It was a great price and I know that there are times I wish that I was thinking more creatively. This book seems fun, and so I’m going to go through each and everyone of these exercises in hopes to think more creatively. So, the first exercise was to create an urban inspired pimped-out wagon (think Radio Red Flyer). The idea is to think of MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Well, I started to sketch out some of things I would add to my wagon, but I’m no master class drawer. So, here’s a list of how I would pimp-out my wagon:

Decals (gotta add some flair).

Candy Apple Red Metallic Paint.

All terrain tires for going anywhere and chrome wheels to look awesome.

Comfort grip on the handle.

I would add a non slip liner inside the wagon and a section with compartments for my keys, my wallet (which is always not where I need it to be), a bottle of water and my iPhone.

Built-In Bluetooth speakers, to connect my iPhone and listen to some tunes while crusing down the urban jungle.

Console to hold my GPS (though ideally, the iPhone would be the GPS right?).

Detachable “walls” (think a kind of fence around the wagon, so if I want to stack stuff on there, it won’t be toppling over). The fence would also have a lid, preferably something to shield my items from the rain.

Small motor, with an exhaust (all for show) and a wireless, motion controlled steering wheel – for days when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to pull my wagon.

I think I would also add a spot to stand your camera, in case you see anything interesting on your travels.

So, I think that’s it for my “pimped-out” wagon.


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