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I must try this again…

I’m no expert food critic and far less an expert Korean food critic, but I like to eat good food- so that has to count for something. Dining and trying different types of cuisines is something I have to start doing more often.

Last night, we stopped in for dinner at a local Korean restaurant. We ordered jaeyook kimchi bokum w/dubu and bulgogi. Respectively, that is kimchi with pork and tofu and marinated barbecued beef. The bulgogi is served with a bowl of rice an other side dishes – half of which I really didn’ know what they were, but still very good.

I had to Google what we ate to remember the names, but now that I know, I say I must try it all yet again and also explore different dishes that are part of Korean cuisine.

Another highlight of the evening was that I finally (FINALLY – after several attempts) “mastered” using chopsticks. By “mastered” I mean I was able to finish eating my meal without stabbing or poking the beef, or breaking down and asking for a fork and I was able to eat the rice!

Hopefully, my next food adventure will be as delicious as this one.

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