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Caffeine For the Creative Mind Exercise – The Swiss Army Knife

The most recent exercise from the book Caffeine for the Creative Mind is about the tools that make our professional lives more useful. Reference is made to the Swiss Army Knife, a handy gadget that holds all sorts of tools beneath that infamous red plastic casing. My exercise was to invent my “Professional Survival Swiss Army.”

I could draw it out, but I think my professional survival swiss army would be at least 15lbs – and I have no idea how to go about it really.
As someone who does software/hardware and network support, my tools are all about being connected and able to communicate with the outside world while providing that service to others.
I sketched out some of the
stuff I do use; how I would put them together, however, I have no idea. Here’s what I would

My iPhone w/headphones and lots of cool apps, mostly for entertainment – a must to make and receive calls, email, text and browse the web. I have my work number forwarded to my personal number so I could use this awesome device
Laptop – without this, I’d be unable to work. On a personal note, my laptop needs to have Adobe Creative Suite so I can practice and create stuff with it.
AT&T Aircard – I need the Internet at all times!
Key & Key fob – for getting in and out of secret passage ways
Notebook & Pen – as much as I try and stay away from paper, I can’t help but to have to write things down
USB Flash Drives – encrypted of course, for transport of those super top secret files
Cat5 cable – for when wireless isn’t an option
Chapstick – must have
Coffee – need the morning boost
Sunglasses – gotta look cool and protect the eyes


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