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Canon 20mm

Part of the fun of getting ready for a trip is packing your camera. I have an entry level dSLR, Canon Rebel XTi, and I’m looking forward to taking it with me on an upcoming trip. One day I will graduate from this camera, but for now, this does all of what I need it to do (and I don’t need to go and drop a couple grand on a camera right now). What keeps me from getting antsy about buying a new camera is the interchangeable lenses.

I really love using my 50mm f/1.8, but that may not get packed; neither will my Tamron 17-50mm. I would like something a little wider and that will perform well if stopped down. I also don’t want to have to worry about my equipment or having it lost or stolen. So, I rented a Canon 20mm f2.8 from Borrow Lenses.

This is the second time I’m renting from them and I would highly recommend giving them a try. Their prices are reasonable and they ship quickly. They have a nice selection of lenses and you can reserve in advance. They quickly and promptly respond to emails. I am the type of person that highly values customer service over cost. I will pay a little more for better service.

I won’t have much time to practice wth this lens, but I chose it because I thought it would be wide enough and light enough for me to carry and walk around with. Considering I will mostly be taking landscape photos, this seemed like the right fit. I’m debating, though, about whether I should pack the cheapy kit lens with me, or just take my 50mm. I also wondered whether I should also skip packing my Sony Cybershot and just using the 3MP camera on my iPhone 3Gs as my point and shoot and for short video clips. Hmm, decisions decisions.


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