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Out of Memory!?

Last night I came to the realization that 2GB worth of RAM is not what it used to be. Up until then, it was fine – more than enough to do my assignments in Adobe Illustrator and to work with Adobe Photoshop.

I stumbled upon a side job of retouching really old blueprints that a coworker wants to print out on a large poster and give as a gift to a family member. They had the old blueprints scanned on a large format scanner and the files are HUGE tiff files, each about 55MB. None of these files would open for me because I had run out of memory! WHAT!?

I guess that side job is paying for the memory I quickly scrambled to order online from Crucial’s website. I should be receiving it tomorrow and hopefully this time around 4GB will do the trick!

On a side note, why do supposed IT people walk away from their computer without locking their computer? Not even a screen saver! And- can’t you change the power settings on that stupid Dell so that your LCD and desktop aren’t on ALL the time?. Ever heard of standby? Ever seen that Power Settings option in the Control Panel!? Geez!
– Monday morning rant from your company’s IT girl


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