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TomTom for my iPhone

My first impression of the TomTom app for the iPhone

I don’t know why, but lately, the longer I stay up, the more prone I am to purchasing non-essential items online.  Tuesday night proved one of those nights where, besides buying a $10 tee shirt from shirt.woot! only 8 minutes after it became available (that’s nothing – the first wooter bought within 18 seconds!), I decided I wanted to look into a GPS solution for the my iPhone 3Gs.  I really did no research.  I Googled the available solutions quickly, skimmed over an old review or two and decided I wanted the TomTom app.  It was “on sale” for $69.99 from the App Store and had just gone through a “major” update, so I started downloading it.  If it were available, I would have opted for a Garmin solution since I’ve tried both in the past and I do prefer the Garmin menu and interface more than the TomTom.

I fired it up on Wednesday morning, and it took me to work, as I had asked it too.  Launch time was pretty speedy and found a GPS signal rather quickly.  My older Garmin takes minutes…sometimes I have to reboot it to get a signal.  That definitely sucks when you’re lost (when you should have had the GPS on in the first place) and are now scrambling to get a signal.

I haven’t really played around with any of the features but I did try playing my MP3s through the App and it was useful, yet highly annoying every time  “Samantha” interrupted my music to tell me to turn left in 2 miles, and then turn left 2 miles later.  I imagine this can prove VERY annoying if you’re in the city and have to make several turns in short distances.  The buttons on the menu are of a good size so you can easily see them.  I quickly was able to set “Home,” and enter it as a favorite.  The App has crashed on me once so far; last night when I tried changing to Night Colors.  I noticed last night, it does have lane assist and text to speech which is nice.  Honestly, I don’t use a GPS on a day to day basis since I only work 10 miles from home, but I do use it on the weekends if venturing out to a new location.  First impression – good.  It’s nice to have true GPS with me now at all times.  Not sure how I will like it a few months from now and whether I will be thinking that I should have just upgraded the map and software on my current unit or bought a new one – since they’re on sale everywhere now.  One downside of having this on the iPhone is that since that wonderful (insert sarcasm here) device doesn’t run apps simultaneously – when I’m running TomTom, that’s pretty much all I will be able to do.  Will I lose my route if I exit out?  I haven’t tried it yet – this is only my first impression!  Perhaps in a few weeks after more use, I will update my thoughts on the TomTom app for iPhone.  Meanwhile, Sims 3 has kept me busy, though after only about a week, I’m bored with my Sim…and I’ve killed 3 of them already (I actually didn’t kill them, they died in freak accidents at work!).

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