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Teux Deux

What being sick does to you:  This morning I keep moving my mouse over the left side of my screen, as if to see my Snow Leopard Dock – only problem is I’m using Windows 7.   I guess it happens when you use a Mac at home and Windows 7 at work.

Anyways, today I signed up for the web-based to-do app I’ve seen here and there recently – Teux Deux.

The interface is sleek, clean, simple – minimalists will love it.  As for what the app itself does, well, it’s easy…it’s a daily to-do list, and simply just that.  You have a view of your entire week, and you can create a list for each day of the week.  Once you have completed an item off your “teux duex” list, you simply click it and cross it off.  That easy. Besides crossing off tasks, you can delete them, move them around and if you have no specific timeline for a task, you can put it on your “someday” list.

I’m going to give it a try, because I’m one of those people who likes lists and making one helps me actually get things done.  I try using Tasks in Outlook but –ahhh too much info to fill out sometimes.  I do use the productivity apps I have on my iPhone, such as Evernote, reQall, Awesome Note – and they are very handy in creating to-do lists, setting reminders  and simply entering random notes, thoughts and ideas –but this, I like because it’s so simple, just like a list I would make, and often make, on paper.  Other users may want more features, and I’m sure after I use it for about a week or so I may have some suggestions, but for now, this is exactly what I need.  A simple interface that I can look at, determine what I need to do, and simply cross it off once it’s done.

Check it out…for now it’s free.  If you’re into design, you will definitely want to check out the designer’s blog, Swiss Miss.  I recently stumbled across this blog, and absolutely love it.  Also, check out Fictive Kin, who built the Teux Deux app.

And…there I go again, looking for that dock…

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