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I declare March my month of art…

I’m declaring March my month of art.  Why you may ask?  Because.

All winter long, we’ve been couped up indoors…snow has ruined plenty of good weekends and now that spring is around the corner, I need something to jump start my creativity.  Something that will make me want to grab my camera all summer long and not put it down – ever.  This month I have planned to visit the art museums around Philly and get inspired.  There are some great exhibits and events going on and I want to be there.  I also want to pick up my camera a lot more and let that become an extension of me.

Some events that may be worth checking out (and that I’m planning on checking out myself):

Philagrafika – Philadelphia’s international festival celebrating print in contemporary art

Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris –  Surveys Picasso’s work between 1905 and 1945.   Also explores the important role that Paris, France played in the history of modern art during the first half of the twentieth century.

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