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Reading Terminal Market

Today, I went and enjoyed the 50 + degree weather here in the Philadelphia region.  Me and my camera went for a walk, and even though I don’t think I took any spectacular photos, I just had to share this example of decent color (in my opinion!) and good bokeh this Sigma lens produces.  The shot was handheld (probably a LOT rushed with the amount of people in these cramped aisles and not very well composed maybe), and it was shot using Aperture Priority Mode (ok, so I cheated here – it could have so been manual but I was being lazy).

Here are the details of the camera settings and my tweaks in Photoshop:

Aperture Priority Mode @ f/2.0 (shutter speed was 1/60)

Adjust White Balance in Camera RAW (it had a very yellowish tinge to it)

I think I went ahead and sharpened the photo, too.

Even if you think the photo sucks, I think the bokeh is cool and I’m really loving this lens.


One response

  1. Excellent colors!!! Love the Reading Terminal.

    March 7, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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