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Get the most out of your Point-and-Shoot Camera

I’ve always believed that you do not need a dSLR to shoot great photos.  Many times I forgo the dSLR and just carry my little Sony around and still manage to get some shots that turn out very well and be proud to say I shot with a point-and-shoot.   Today I stumbled across a great article from Lifehacker with some great tips on how to get the most out of your point-and-shoot camera.

The most important tip, I think, is get to know your camera!  Read the manual, familiarize yourself with the menus, learn the settings your camera has and what each one does.  Your camera may also have some presets, learn when and why to use those.  Also, experiment with the Rule of Thirds – and then sometimes break that rule!

Don’t just carry your camera for special events and parties – take it with you when you go out on that evening bike ride, to a friend’s house, meeting up for drinks – the point is don’t leave it at home!  Lastly, have fun!  Photography should be enjoyable – so have fun with it, experiment, practice, and you’ll see that you’ll start getting some great shots!

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