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My take on the Hipstamatic iPhone App

As I’ve dabbled with my iPhone and utilizing the camera on it a little more (I think that can be considered a project – finally, a project I can commit to!), I’ve downloaded a few apps to help me “enhance” the photos.  Today, I downloaded one more…the Hipstamatic app.  The interface looks like an old, plastic, toy camera and the photos are supposed to come out looking very “analog.”

The app allows you to choose the “film,” “lens,” and “flash” type you’re using.  The different combinations of each results in some pretty cool, “vintage” like photos.  It’s a fun app, but not something I would use all the time for my iPhone photography “project”.  For starters, it’s a little slow to “develop” and “print” your photo.  This is fine if you’re using it for fun, but if you plan to snap a few quick, and inconspicuous photos, as I often find myself doing, then this app may not help.  I’m definitely in love with that plastic, toy camera look for photos right now, so this will be fun to play with for the next few days. This leads me to the next thing I don’t love about the app…once you shoot your photo with a specific effect, then you’re pretty much stuck with that.  I guess I’m used to my Best Camera app where I can choose a photo in my library and add or remove filters as I please.  This allows me to save the same picture as many times as I want with as many filters piled on as I want.This is not a deal breaker, since I don’t think this was the point of the app.

Overall, it’s fun and pretty easy to use.  The photos do come out looking pretty cool.  You can also purchase a few other lens and flash addons for the app, each available for $0.99.  Hipstamatic also allows you to easily share the photos – which is definitely a must.  One more cool feature is the ability to enter your photos into Hipstamatic contests.  I think the app is worth a try, it’s only $1.99 for now, and it will keep you entertained and you will get some cool vintage effects with your pictures.

If you’re just looking to do some basic editing to some of your existing photos then check out the PS Mobile app (this app is great) and Best Camera.  These are the two I use the most – although I also enjoy the Camera Bag app.  For taking my pictures, I’ve been using the joby Gorillacam app pretty regularly (now if only they could integrate video into this app!).  Anyway, jump over to the Apple App store and happy frivolous spending (or maybe not, some of these apps are FREE!).  I’ll post photo examples soon and more screen shots after the jump!


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