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16×20 Poster idea comes to life

There are some really great tutorials you can find out there to improve your Photoshop and Illustrator skills.  I have been using both for about a year now, but only on a very limited level…I’ve barely scratched the surface.  In an effort to better my skills, I’ve been reading and following some tutorials to get a better feel for all the pretty amazing things you can do with both programs.

Last night, I created the above, retro-inspired poster.  Probably took me longer than it would any other Photoshop expert, but the point was to work more with masks, layer styles, blending modes, textures, etc., and really start to feel comfortable with it.  The idea came from a conversation a few days ago…

So, you may ask what does the DMAK stand for?  Well, though there’s more to the story, it’s the acronym that stands for the initials of a few great friends, people who besides my family and a few other childhood friends, I’ve known the longest (not forgetting though, that some other pretty awesome people pop into your life as time goes by).  We actually got to thinking the other day in conversation, “wow, we’ve known each other forever!”  Actually since my family moved into the area back in 1992 (I think).  Sentimentalism and jokes aside, here’s my first ever “real” poster.

For some really great tutorials, design freebies and creative inspiration, check out some of my favorite sites: Smashing Magazine, Abduzeedo, PSD Tuts+.

One response

  1. Word to ya motha!! DMAK is just awesomeness!

    April 1, 2010 at 6:40 pm

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