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Photo: A fashionable pair

On Wednesday evening, my younger sister and I jumped on a NJT train bound for New York Penn Station and then headed up to the Upper East Side to check out the American Express Tory Burch Presentation Event.  Of course, we arrived a few hours early to check out all of the fabulously dressed people around Lincoln Center.  Some people did look fab, others a bit odd yet extremely fascinating; hey – it’s fashion week.  Next time around, I think I will definitely have to plan a whole day of hanging out around the venue to people watch and shoot photos.  I was reminded why I enjoy street photography so much, especially when the people look so awesome.  The fashionable pair photographed above and who my sister and I concluded were probably colleagues, walked out after the Anna Sui show.  Edited in PS CS4.

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One response

  1. Those are quite the boots she’s wearing! I like his “look” too.

    September 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm

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