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Get Inspired: Sanborn Map Company Insurance Maps

I’ve been seeing these map title pages circulating in the past week or so on sites like FFFFound! and Designspiration. I think there is something ultimately awesome about the feel of an old, used, crumpled up map. Then there are the small, fine details, and the beautful typography. These Sanborn Map Company Insurance Maps are pretty great looking. Sanborn Map Company was founded in 1866 and was recognized for “richly detailed” fire insurance maps. Below are some of the the map title pages I enjoyed most – dating from the early 1900s. For more map title pages and information on them, check out the BibliOdyssey blog.

All photos below taken from Peacays flickr photostream.


One response

  1. Daniel

    These are killer! Golden Black has a great vector set inspired by these Sanborn Map designs!

    September 21, 2011 at 3:26 pm

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