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Unfinished (PS exercise)

Back in January, I decided I would focus on creating a 2011 wallpaper.  This is around the same time that a lot of great tutorials that mimicked the Tron posters and light effects were being published.  I tried to draw ideas from those tutorials and posters while at the same time trying to practice with Illustrator and Photoshop.  I don’t design by profession, therefore it takes me longer to think about what I want to do, how to do it, etc.  Besides not having the skill set I would like to have with the Adobe Creative Suite, I’m my biggest self critic…so although at first I may think something I create or photograph may look ok at first, I end up hating it and probably scrapping it all together.  That’s sort of what happened here…I knew the direction I wanted to head in, but could not achieve the effects/results I was looking for (especially with the “2011” text).  I just happened to save the jpg I’m posting below, but I then made some changes that pretty much deleted everything I had done and started over.  I overwrote the psd file… it being lost forever.  I looked back at this jpg, and thought, “I can work with this,” but it was too late because only an hour before I was going mad deleting here and there.  I guess the lesson is (which I now practice) save often, and use “Save As…”

Anyway,  I still sort of don’t like what I made here, but I thought I’d share anyway because one only gets better with constructive criticism – and practice.


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