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Evening at the Avenue of the Arts

This month, the city of Philadelphia has lots of great events going on to celebrate their international festival of the arts (PIFA).  Last week, we attended just one of the many events at the Kimmel Center’s Hamilton Garden, and enjoyed the “Green Fairy Cabaret.”  The show was quite enjoyable and humorous – and I was in awe of the acrobatics done right in front of my eyes.

We decided to start the evening with dinner at a Korean restaurant called Miga.  Before dinner, though, I had a half hour to kill, so off to the Lush cosmetics store to get a few items I needed and others I had been wanting to try.  After the mini shopping spree, we headed over to the restaurant where we had a great dinner.  Even though I’ve had Korean several times, it’s always been at the same restaurant, so it was nice to compare and indeed the food was great.  We started off with steamed and fried pork dumplings (Nathanael prefers fried, I prefer steamed and my sister, Alisha isn’t crazy about them so either worked for her) that had a yummy dipping sauce – a little spicy with some green onions.  I couldn’t make up my mind about what to eat, so I went with beef bulgogi.  We all finished dinner pretty satisfied and decided to walk around the city a bit to enjoy the beautiful spring evening.

While walking around South Broad Street, I decided to take a few portraits, and although I hate how grainy my camera gets at a high ISO, I had fun shooting and I think my awesomely , good-looking models had fun too.  Funny how we all had “neckwear” on, as someone guy on the elevator later that night sarcastically (yet humorously)  pointed out he was under dressed and had been outdone in the neck-wear department.  Well, yes sir, we like our scarves and our bow ties – and we make it look good thank you very much.

Below are some photos of our enjoyable evening.  Full gallery here.

Food styled by me 🙂 I meant to take pictures of my entire meal, but I got a little distracted - eating!

Nathanael, of

My sister, Alisha

Theres a reason I like to be behind the camera, always (seriously) trying to tweak my appearance!


2 responses

  1. These look great!! You should do portraits more often! 😉

    April 20, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    • thank you, you’re right! it’s definitely fun…and a great creative outlet – something I wish I could do from 9-5 😉

      April 20, 2011 at 10:03 pm

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