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Photography Practice

Call me a nerd, but I had to get this Quantum Mechanix Bad Robot Limited Edition Maquette a few months back.  Before Lost and Fringe, I was a huge fan of J.J. Abrams’ Alias (come on – who didn’t want to be Sydney Bristow; side note, I was also a fan of Felicity – even with the short hair).  Even more so, I loved the production company’s logo at the end of each show that then said “Bad Robot!”.  I then heard that one year for Comic Con, there was an edition of 500 limited edition figurines being given away – I would have loved one of those.  Earlier this year, I stumbled upon this figurine – first I saw it on ThinkGeek’s site, and then within a few hours, it disappeared – I think they pulled it off the site! I searched away and found it on Amazon, so naturally, it being a “limited edition” item, I had to get it.  And to add to my nerd status, it comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity (829/1000).

This was also a photography little experiment I was doing with natural lighting.  Photos were taken at about 6PM on a partly cloudy day, the window blinds (windows are to the left of me) are up  and I’m using white paper and my white headboard to light my subject.


One response

  1. That robot is cute. Eyes look like egg yolks! Interesting story on your dogged determination to get this it item, its a mice collectible..

    April 21, 2011 at 7:27 am

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