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Things I like: Watches!

I mostly have always associated watches as a must have, elegant, accessory for a man, but really they’re a great accessory for anyone. There really isn’t a need for a watch nowadays since we can quickly glimpse at our computer screens, cell phones, iPods, etc. for the time, but it’s one of those accessories I feel tells others a little more about you. I can’t really say that any watches I own are super expensive or limited edition items that a collector would love to get their hands on, but they’re mine…and at some point in time I bought them because I liked them (or because they were on sale or something drew me to them!) so they’re special to me. I recently splurged a little more than usual and added two more watches to my collection so as not to leave my wrist naked. It seems as though I’m missing a watch with a brown leather strap in my collection, hmm…

Welcome to my collection, watch friends. I'm currently diggin' chronographs.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


One response

  1. i love the concept of “things i like” – great idea for a blog post! i love watches too! in fact, i feel lost without mine on.

    May 2, 2011 at 2:14 pm

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