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Tur-Duck-En Burger from Smokin’ Betty’s

I promise not to turn this blog into one with burger photos only BUT  it is National Burger Month and this I had to share.

This past weekend, I spent Saturday at the PIFA Philly Street Fair on Broad Street.  It was early afternoon, and we hadn’t had lunch, so my friend suggested we grab lunch at Smokin’ Betty’s.  It was a beautiful day for al fresco dining, so we grabbed a table in the shade.  The waiter read off a few specials and when we asked about burger recommendations, he told us about the tur-duck-en burger that had recently been featured on Food Network.  It definitely peaked my interest, since more often than not, my DVR is full of Food Network programming and I’m always wanting to experience what those guys are cooking or eating.  What is this tur-duck-en burger, you may ask?  Well, Uwishunu described it as:

Three layers of succulent meat (fresh ground turkey, chicken and truffled duck mousse) are expertly topped with Southern style gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potato ribbons and a stocky piece of stuffing all piled on a LeBus Country White bun.

So, I ordered my tur-duck-en burger with sweet potato fries and devoured it.  Some PIFA snapshots coming soon…

Best Supporting Actor: Perfectly salted sweet potato fries

Tur-Duck-En Burger!!!!!


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  1. Looks REALLY good!

    May 6, 2011 at 9:36 pm

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