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Things I like: Ugmonk Tee’s

Even though I declared 2011 the year I will take my wardrobe to a more “stylish” and “sophisticated” level, I am and always will be a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl (but who says t-shirts can’t be stylish!?).  Being that warmer weather is now here in New Jersey, it’s time for some new summer gear! I don’t remember how (I think Twitter) or when, I stumbled upon Jeff Sheldon’s Ugmonk brand, but I love the fresh designs available – many with some great typographic elements.  I think what sucked me in was the “And Then I Woke Up” design…there’s just something about ampersands…so I bought the hoodie and also the “It’s About Time” tee because I loved the type that Jeff created.  The great thing about the Ugmonk blog are the “behind the scenes”  view of the design process – I love that!  This week I bought a couple of the new Minimalist Series t-shirts and a couple others that I’d been checking out for a while.  I should add, the print quality looks awesome and the t-shirts have a great feel to them (so great, I just found my dog sitting on my neatly folded pile of shirts!).  And because great photography is a must, the lookbook is awesome – so check it out.  Sure, it’s way easier to go to the mall and pick up some t-shirt’s off the rack that everyone else will be have – but I rather wear something that can be appreciated by those of  who love great design and quality.


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