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What’s Cookin’ Weekend Edition – Part II: Guacamole burgers!

Before I continue with my post, I must commend all you food bloggers who have awesome food photography.  It’s so hard to cook and take pictures of what you’re doing! I made sure, however, that with this meal, I wasn’t rushed and that I did everything in a specific order so as not to mess anything up. It got to the point though where I ran out of natural light and eventually patience, because I just wanted to eat what I had cooked!

My favorite food right now has to be burgers, not just because it’s National Burger Month, but because with burgers, there is no right or wrong.  You can cook it the way you want, add any toppings you desire, put it on your bread of choice and voila!  There you have it, an awesome burger.  For this evening’s burger, it was decided I’d make a burger with guacamole, bacon and swiss cheese.  I roasted poblano peppers for a teeny bit of sweet heat.  To accompany our burgers, I baked some sweet potato fries (I left them a little longer than I should have as some sort of burned).  And now friends, I present to you the food prep:

For my sweet potato fries, I crushed some garlic with my knife, took a few sprigs of thyme and drizzle with olive oil and popped these into the oven.  Ketchup on sweet potato fries is great and all, but I enjoy a dipping sauce. I took a couple heaping spoons of sweet thai chili sauce, whisked in some chili oil and olive oil until the consistency was nice and drizzly off the fork.

Guacamole is so delicious and so easy!  I combined two ripe Haas avocados, chopped white onion,  tomato and cilantro, kosher salt to taste and about a lemon and a half.

Roasted peppers.  Heat up the grill and throw it on.  You’ll see the skin begin to char.  Keep turning that pepper around until the entire skin looks like that.  Then, throw it in a plastic bag so the steam will help remove the skin.  I removed the skin and sliced, setting it aside for my burger.

Bacon…’nuff said.  Fry it up till crispy.

Beef.  I started out with some 80/20 ground beef.  I added some white onions I had left over (to keep it nice and moist).  I also added fresh garlic and my secret spices.  Haha!!  Let’s just say, you probably have most of the ingredients in your spice rack and your fridge.  I threw the patties on the grill, and cooked till about medium well.

Cold beverage is a must…in this case I had some Stoudts Gold Lager on hand.

At this point, who can contain themselves!? During the last of the grilling, I melted swiss cheese on these bad boys, to0.  For the bread, I’m currently loving these Vienna soft rolls from Wegmans. Assemble the burger as you wish…I added raw red onions, mayo-ed up my bun and piled on the peppers, bacon,  and guacamole and enjoyed!  You’ll have to forgive my very informal table setting.

Finally, the night was ended with a modified version of the Disaronno Caipi – you can find the recipe on the Disaronno site.  I modify it because I don’t measure anything (yeah, I’m that good! Just kidding, I just don’t like kitchen rules).  I muddle some sugar and limes together, fill the glass with ice, add Disaronno and I also squeeze in fresh lemon juice.  I love anything with limes…and once this sits for a few minutes, it just blends together nicely.

As for dessert, well, I had some cookies from Costco on hand (white chocolate macadamia nut!).  I haven’t found anything that I’m really good at baking (again, something about exact measurements and kitchen rules just doesn’t go with my style) so I rely on people like Turkey Hill (ice cream!) and the Wegmans bakery to be provide me with desserts.

Photos taken with Canon 24-70 lens with not much editing done besides some basic Camera Raw exposure and color tweaks.


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  1. I’m drooling.

    May 17, 2011 at 10:11 am

  2. Can’t believe I’m just seeing this but…. YUMMMM….

    June 1, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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