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Get Inspired: Aerial Photography

As  I start to hear more people talk about their summer vacation plans,  I started to think about how exciting it is to have the window seat on a flight and look out and down while the plane is ascending, in mid flight, and then descending.  Everything looks spectacular.  The angles at which you see cities, buildings, neighborhoods, parks, marinas…everything takes on a whole new dimension, an exciting look.  You start to notice patterns, lines, textures you never new existed.  We experience places we may drive through or are familiar with in a whole different light.  And speaking of light, how about the way the clouds cast a shadow on the ground, the way you see the sun either rising or setting through the clouds…or even seeing lighting in the sky.  It’s amazing.  So today, I was inspired to look up and share some great aerial photography.

Traffic! by Benny Chan

Scottish Parliament Building by Niall Cotton

I've had the pleasure of visiting Corcovado and Sugar Loaf mountains in Rio de Janeiro - but never saw it like this! Flying High by Mauro Risch

LA from Above by Mesck

Aerial Photography by Simon Kerwan

The Aerial San Diego Project by Steven Cherry

The Aerial San Diego Project by Steven Cherry

Aerial Photography by Marcos Peron


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