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What’s Cookin’: Anniversary Dinner

I’ve sort of avoided the kitchen lately, but this weekend I decided to get in there and make something awesome. Friday afternoon I had been browsing the Food & Wine website gathering ideas and Sunday evening it all came together quite successfully.

The occasion was my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary – yeah – not many people can say that nowadays, but it’s definitely possible! It took a quite of bit of work to get dinner together, and even though I probably spent about 5 hours in the kitchen in between prep, cooking and cleaning time, I enjoyed it! So now, for the menu…

(and I really wish I could have better documented everything but that probably would have added an extra hour to my day in the kitchen. You will have to forgive my crappy photos.)

So, they were greeted with Strawberry Lemon Mojitos and a cheese plate with some fruit.


First appetizer prosciutto wrapped peaches with basil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. (I realized today the original recipe was pancetta wrapped peaches, but for some reason I had prosciutto on the brain – it still worked out well)


Second we had grilled tomato crostini.


So the next drink was a lemon basil manhattan, followed by the main course:
Tamarind and Bourbon glazed ribs.

I first threw them on the grill to get a sear and a grill flavor. They were finished up in the oven and glazed about every half hour for about 2 hours.



To accompany the ribs, I made a mango cabbage slaw and some yuca fries with a chipotle mayo dip.



And that was it! For dessert, we bought a cake from our favorite local bakery (because I don’t bake). It was a lot of work, and time consuming but I must say everything turned out pretty good and everyone was a happy!

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