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I must shoot more!

I think I need to start posting more personal work with the goal of seeing what works, what doesn’t, get back to camera basics and ultimately become better at the type of photography I like and want to be good at.  I’ve already become super addicted to mobile photography with Instagram (@mjmercado47) and I’m close to 900 pictures, having posted and/or taken a picture everyday since early July.  Shooting definitely becomes more enjoyable on beautiful days – as it was on Friday – and when one is feeling at ease, relaxed and comfortable.  While some of you may have been wrestling other customers at Walmart trying to get that $300 Black Friday laptop deal (I personally prefer Cyber Monday!), I spent the day outside. First, trying to do a car photoshoot and second, enjoying great fall weather, blue skies and the ocean. Pictures below taken with my Canon 60D and a 17-50mm Tamron lens.  Fixed White Balance in Lightroom and finished processing in Photoshop.



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