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A few Fuji & Kodak film rolls developed and finally shared

Last fall when I went to visit family in Puerto Rico, I did not bring a digital camera.  I brought the Minolta 35mm my dad had tucked away.  I developed the photos months ago (think I still have a 35mm and 2 experimental 120 rolls in cameras) but was pretty unhappy with the results so I let those scans sit on my laptop for a while and it wasn’t until yesterday when I saw a tweet from a photographer regarding film that I decided to revisit those photos.  They are kind of boring, I still need to work on exposure and nailing my settings, but I thought I’d share anyway.  I guess one day, when my film stuff *maybe* comes out good, I can look back at these crappy shots and think “wow I’ve come a long way.”  My goal for the month of May (since it’s pretty much around the corner) is to shoot more…carry that camera everywhere and just practice. – there may even be some vacation photos in the mix.  


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