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First two rolls from my Mamiya (in San Francisco!)

The first time picked up and shot the Mamiya 645 I got off eBay – I got nothing. Why? Because I didn’t read the manual, didn’t read that I had to turn some little knob and that only THEN would the film would wind to the proper place, my exposure counter would be set to one and the camera would do its thing. Yeah – quite humorous and once I figured that out I realized that perhaps living in a 21st century digital world is making me dumber (who finds things out on their own anymore- just google, bing, tweet and the answer will magically appear).

Once I figured THAT out, I happily packed my camera for a small vacation across the country in San Francisco. And after seeing these pictures, I realize why film shooters love their film. Sure, they’re not perfect (would have maybe liked them overexposed by one more stop maybe) but there is such a range of colors and detail – amazing. Had I shot these with my Canon 60D, I bet I’d be spending a good while in Photoshop tinkering and trying to get the bright skies or the darker details properly exposed- and even then still left slightly unsatisfied.

These shots are right from the lab – no post processing! I metered with the on camera meter, and then overexposed one stop.

The photos below were shot with Fuji 400H. Nice film – using the on camera meter, I think maybe I could have overexposed more.  No? Yes? I still have a few rolls of this 120 film left, so I need to further experiment.  I see how the colors and contrast are quite punchy.  I remember reading in Jonathan CanlasFIND book that Fuji was good for blues and greens, so I made sure to use it when I knew I would be surrounded by those hues (that’s not all I learned, lol).

The next set of pictures were shot with Kodak Portra 400 (ok I love the results of this film, I shall be getting more!). Perhaps it’s time to invest in a light meter – I would have liked these exposed some more too.


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