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Pictures: San Francisco – Part I

Last month, during Memorial Day weekend, took a few days off from work and headed to San Francisco.

Never having been to California, this was a great place to have landed. The city is absolutely beautiful with great weather and being right on the bay makes for great views no matter where you are at. I can’t say I went to any museums or spent much time indoors because I was too busy walking and hiking the parks and trails in and right outside of the city. I even got to ride and hang off the side of the cable car seen above (yes, it’s a little nerve wracking at first – like, “What, you want me to rely on my upper body strength to keep me on this thing?” and “wait – is that lever our brake when going downhill?” or when you realize that when passing other cable cars, you can pretty much simply extend your index finger and touch the person on the car going the opposite way – yeah, you get over that soon thereafter and it ends up being a fun, touristy ride). These pictures are just the few I managed to go through and edit off one SD card. I hope to get to editing my other set of photos soon.

All pictures shot with a Canon 60D and a 17-55mm Tamron lens. Some quick edits in LightRoom and finally Photoshop CS4.

In case you haven’t noticed, yes, I like signs…old, new and in between. I think they are awesome 😀

Alcatraz above. Great place. I really wanted to ask the people there what they believed happened to Clint Eastwood after he and the others escaped…;)

Imagine being locked up and being taunted with the view above. So close, yet so far. Oh yeah, good luck surviving those cold, rough waters.

Ah yes, many beautiful, in very good condition “classic” cars out there. And below, the view from Twin Peaks (you saw some shots I took with my Mamiya in my previous post). In the middle frame there, is me, with my backpack filled with photo goodies, probably trying to get a shot for my Instagram feed. It’s also a picture my sister took, and she never takes pictures, so it was funny to see myself as she probably saw me the entire trip: stopped, with my camera out, composing, exposing, and snapping away.


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