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Empire State

Empire State by mjmr2008
Empire State, a photo by mjmr2008 on Flickr.

The tip top of the Empire State building as seen from the High Line.

Foggy morning

On any other day, you see the Delaware River just behind those rocks.


Taken this weekend, on a winter evening by the river’s edge while the tide was low. With my point and shoot, slowed the shutter down and steadied with a Joby Gorillapod.

Emely & David – Preview!

Emely and David are super cute.  He’s outgoing with a great smile; she is beautiful, sweet and kind of shy – but when these two look at each other you can tell they are very in love.  I got to second shoot Emely & David’s special day two Saturday’s ago.  Here’s a little preview!

Mission Complete, Houston

The space shuttle Atlantis landed this morning, bringing to a close NASA’s shuttle era.  The space shuttle fleet will eventually end up at various museums across the country.  Below some NASA photographs and space shuttle related images.

Apollo 11 Launch


STS-86 Launch


STS-26 Return to Flight Launch

Oceanside Aerial of Columbia Launch

Atlantis Lift Off July 2011

NASA Shuttle Tribute poster by Rachel Sinclair

Space Race - Astronaut by Justin Van Genderen

Space Race - Astrounaut by Justin Van Genderen

Apollo 11 by Linsday Gravette

1967 by Brent Schoepf


Things I like: Ugmonk Tee’s

Even though I declared 2011 the year I will take my wardrobe to a more “stylish” and “sophisticated” level, I am and always will be a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl (but who says t-shirts can’t be stylish!?).  Being that warmer weather is now here in New Jersey, it’s time for some new summer gear! I don’t remember how (I think Twitter) or when, I stumbled upon Jeff Sheldon’s Ugmonk brand, but I love the fresh designs available – many with some great typographic elements.  I think what sucked me in was the “And Then I Woke Up” design…there’s just something about ampersands…so I bought the hoodie and also the “It’s About Time” tee because I loved the type that Jeff created.  The great thing about the Ugmonk blog are the “behind the scenes”  view of the design process – I love that!  This week I bought a couple of the new Minimalist Series t-shirts and a couple others that I’d been checking out for a while.  I should add, the print quality looks awesome and the t-shirts have a great feel to them (so great, I just found my dog sitting on my neatly folded pile of shirts!).  And because great photography is a must, the lookbook is awesome – so check it out.  Sure, it’s way easier to go to the mall and pick up some t-shirt’s off the rack that everyone else will be have – but I rather wear something that can be appreciated by those of  who love great design and quality.