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As seen on the High Line on Instax

Just a couple of photos taken at High Line Park in Manhattan.  Pretty great space, built on historic freight rail lines on the west side.  It was a cold, very overcast day…I felt most of my other pictures look very flat but here are a few taken with my Fuji Instax 210.


Strolling through Old City – iPhoneography Part II: Sticker Art!

Here are just a few more iPhone 4S shots from a few weeks backs while I walked around Old City.  I love seeing the graffiti and sticker art slapped on the mailboxes and newspaper stands.

São Paolo

I took this photo from my tour bus while visiting São Paolo earlier last month.  I had really wanted to capture a lot of the graffiti that was on just about every single wall throughout the city, but from a moving bus and it getting darker, I wasn’t getting that opportunity.  Finally, the bus is stopped, stuck in traffic, and I see this.  I took a shot or two, and this is what came from it.  Unfortunately, I only had a quick overnight stay in São Paolo so I did not get to explore and meet the city the way I would have liked to.  The night I arrived, the city was pitch black because of a blackout that lasted hours into the early morning and affected five states.  From what I could see, the city was covered in graffiti and trash…but I know there was more to São Paolo than what I got to see.  Perhaps one day, my travels will take me back to this city and I could give it a second chance.

If you’re interested here’s the link to the flickr São Paolo Graffiti pool