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January Beach Sunrise

I hate – HATE – mornings.  However, once in a while there are reasons to love – LOVE – mornings…like a winter sunrise, on the beach.  Weather was cold – but not unbearable, although fingers lost sensation and it took me several hours to warm back up, it was a beautiful day to be outside.  Even though there were some clouds, it’s still great to see the light creating shadows and golden hues painting everything it touches.  Pretty amazing…a few photos below.

Some photos were taken with a Canon 60D, and others with Nikon Coolpix P7700.  Taken in Atlantic City, NJ.

Most shots are straight out of the camera.

Hi, it’s me!


Experimenting with a 35mm – Take One!

A few weeks ago I borrowed my Dad’s dusty, “old” Minolta X-700.  I picked up a pack of FujiFilm 200 from my local Shop Rite (it was the only pack and I wanted film right away).

I’ve seen some beautiful work done with film, so with some trial and error and doing more personal work, I’d like to produce some great stuff using film.  I would definitely like to try out a medium format camera soon, but for now, I think I will experiment with what I have.

I debated about editing the photos below, but decided that I wouldn’t do much to them. I did a few corrections in Light Room – mostly just playing with the Auto White Balance and Auto Tone settings, but for the most part, I tried to keep them as close to what came out of the camera as possible – simply for the purpose of knowing what they look like right off the camera.  I had to go to my local Walgreens to develop (and even now they send it out), so the quality obviously isn’t as great as it could be if I had send it to a “professional” photo lab.

I shot most of these on Aperture Priority (whereas, I usually like to shoot manual, I needed a little help this time) with a Minolta 28-70 f3.5-4.8 lens.  The shots below are from walking around Cape May, NJ on Labor Day.  The day started out very sunny and ended up pretty overcast, but still a gorgeous day.

A few lessons/observations:

First, the frame-counter on this camera doesn’t work, so not only can I not see what I have just shot (I missed having an LCD screen the first few shots), but I don’t know how many exposures I have left.  Winding the film – yeah it didn’t quite work very well for me the first time around.  I must have not loaded one roll of film correctly, so it didn’t catch well – yeah – I walked around for a while shooting pictures, but not really because the film was not advancing!  I finally decided to open it up because I knew that I had clicked way more than 24 times with that one roll.

The film advance lever stopped working towards the end of the day, so I couldn’t advance my film – luckily I think I was already toward (if not already at) the end of the film. Exposure – don’t forget your Sunny 16 rule and use the built-in light meter (it’s something I am just really starting to get!).

Up next, I have a few rolls of Kodak 400 Black & White Tri-X film I got from eBay and some Fujifilm 400 I had found at a Rite Aid.  Hopefully, I can test them out soon.