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Impossible Film – Photo No. 5

I recently acquired a Polaroid SX-70 and binged on buying film from The Impossible Film Project. I’m five shots into this thing, and wondering whether I’ll get the hang of it. I understand that Impossible Film is quite sensitive to light, so I shot a picture (with the recommended exposure setting) and immediately shielded and put it away in a pocket close to my body. I am seeing firsthand that Impossible Film does not like the cold. The photo below was shot at Lincoln Center (during Fashion Week), in New York – however, it was about 40 degrees but felt colder with the wind, so I’m sure that have had something to do with the result. I’m going to have to put my new little toy away until the weather warms up, just enough.


As seen on the High Line on Instax

Just a couple of photos taken at High Line Park in Manhattan.  Pretty great space, built on historic freight rail lines on the west side.  It was a cold, very overcast day…I felt most of my other pictures look very flat but here are a few taken with my Fuji Instax 210.

Poster: NY


I wish every weekend were a 4 day holiday weekend. With the extra “idle” time on my hands, I decided to create a poster from one of the pictures I took a few months back. After looking through lots of inspirational images to get a feel for what I thought I would like to do, I came up with the poster below. I laid it out as 18×24, 300dpi. I think it would be something I’d like to print and hang in my personal art gallery (aka the IT office where I put in my time between the hours of 9 to 5), but I’m not sure where to get something like this printed at a reasonable price. There is so much to learn with Photoshop – I have barely scratched the surface. There are great tutorial resources out there that I check up on often, so I hope to create more “stuff” soon. This also reminds me that although I live only 10 minutes from the Betsy Ross Bridge and I can see the top of the skyscrapers every morning on my way to work – I have no skyline pictures of Philly!! I will have to add that to my to do list. ASAP.

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Adorama Workshop: Photowalking with Joe DiMaggio: Exploring Brooklyn’s DUMBO

This past Sunday morning, I jumped on a NJ Transit train from Hamilton to NY Penn Station.  I navigated my way to lower Manhattan, and met up with photographer (and host for the day) Joe DiMaggio at One Pace Plaza.  There was a group of about ten photographers eager to start the day promptly at 9.30AM.  The weather was absolutely beautiful in the city and, with camera’s in hand,  we began our photowalk at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

After crossing the bridge, we walked into the famous Gleason’s Gym and hung out there for a few hours with some great people. Joe DiMaggio was a fun guy, very easy going and approachable.  While at the gym (and throughout the day), he gave us photography tips and shared with us great stories.  At the gym, we met amateur boxer Nicholas Whittingham.  Nicholas was so photogenic, and actually, quite the ham – posing for us any chance he could get – even taking our picture! Nicholas was training for a fight he had during the week and mentioned he would be turning pro in a few months.

After exploring the gym, we headed to Old Fulton Street for lunch (where might I add, I saw Top Chef finalist, the awesome Angelo Sosa and had my picture taken with him) and then down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Overall, a really fun time and a great workshop.  A link to the entire gallery will be available later this week and I’ll also be posting a slideshow of all the photos (just waiting for my iLife ’11 to arrive tomorrow).  Enjoy!

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Photos: Manhattan Pano’s

I’ve never attempted a panoramic photo, so this weekend, as I stood in between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, looking towards Manhattan, I decided to take a few shots with the intent of making some panoramic photos.  My results, below (click on the photos for a higher res version or see them here).

Oh – sometime before the week’s end, I will follow up with a post showcasing some photos I took on Sunday while in NYC for quite an awesome event, “Photowalking with Joe DiMaggio: Exploring Brooklyn’s DUMBO,” offered by Adorama.  And now back to those panoramic photos I was telling you about…

Edited in Photoshop CS4

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