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1970’s VW Bus // 120 Kodak Portra 400


Fire Breathin’ // 35mm Kodak Portra 400

Outlaw Cirkus at Philadelphia Magic Gardens Fundraising Gala

A few Fuji & Kodak film rolls developed and finally shared

Last fall when I went to visit family in Puerto Rico, I did not bring a digital camera.  I brought the Minolta 35mm my dad had tucked away.  I developed the photos months ago (think I still have a 35mm and 2 experimental 120 rolls in cameras) but was pretty unhappy with the results so I let those scans sit on my laptop for a while and it wasn’t until yesterday when I saw a tweet from a photographer regarding film that I decided to revisit those photos.  They are kind of boring, I still need to work on exposure and nailing my settings, but I thought I’d share anyway.  I guess one day, when my film stuff *maybe* comes out good, I can look back at these crappy shots and think “wow I’ve come a long way.”  My goal for the month of May (since it’s pretty much around the corner) is to shoot more…carry that camera everywhere and just practice. – there may even be some vacation photos in the mix.  

Pressed! Letterpress Workshop at Two Paper Dolls in 35mm

This set of photos were taken at the Two Paper Dolls letterpress and design house in Wayne, PA during a Design Philadelphia event back in October. Shot with a Minolta x-700, the photos come from the first roll of Kodak Portra 400 film I had shared some photos from a little while ago.

The day consisted of a tour of the Two Paper Dolls facilities (their space is quite lovely), an overview and demonstration of how their presses worked by their pressmen and finally, the group got to create an awesome letterpress calendar on a Vandercook press. I’m not a designer by profession, but definitely have an appreciation for great print design, so it was fun to be surrounded by all sorts of wooden type blocks and get an inside look at how these guys produce some beautiful work.

Entire set can be viewed on my flickr.














Results after first use of Kodak Portra 400 (meh)

Here are some shots I took in Florida using a Minolta X-700 and Kodak Portra 400 film.   I really need to start documenting the settings used when taking these shots so that I can tweak here and there and come out with something better than this.  I do realize that I need to work on my manual focus and familiarize myself even more with the manual settings of a camera.  I’m somewhat comfortable shooting all manual on a digital camera – but I have my screen that reassures me and if I’m off by a bit, I readjust.  I’m not sure how great the light meter is on this Minolta camera but I don’t trust quite trust it yet.  Even with that, I must say I do love the look and feel of analog photos. All photos are pretty much right out of the camera.









And these last two are my favorite, probably because of the light leaks…